Hebe Tien Fu Chen challenges the final round on One Million Singer

Hebe Tien Fu-Chen went on One Million Singer as a solo artist and host Harlem Yu made fun, “You are the most experienced newcomer of the year.” Ella and Selina intercepted the show twice to give their deafening blessings to the singer and Hebe couldn’t help but joke that she would purposely fail just before the final round to avoid seeing her group mates on screen again.

Hebe showed her wide knowledge of songs as she made it through six rounds without using a single help line. On the seventh round, Hebe daringly chose the category, “very new songs”, even though Harlem warned that they would be songs of last year or this year. The category contained: Tanya Chua’s “Parabola” (2009), Weibird Wei’s “Have You Ever” (2010), and A-Mit’s “Fallen” (2009). Hebe chose Weibird’s song without hesitation, and to everyone’s surprise, she really did know how to sing it. Harlem commented, “You seem more like Weibird Wei’s PR. You know his song so well.” Hebe quickly explained, “It’s because he gave me a copy of his album a while back and I loved it.”

Although Hebe came up with the line of missing lyrics, Weibird (who wrote both the song and lyrics) immediately hinted that a part of it was wrong. Not to be too obvious, Weibird mouthed the lyrics; Hebe read his lips perfectly and shouted, “I’m alive again!” Other guests humorously tried to cover up, “That’s right, no one told her the answer! She thought of it herself!”

Hebe amazingly made it to the final round and the three million dollar (NT) challenge was Jolin Tsai’s dance hit, “Bravo Lover” (愛無赦). Unfortunately, Hebe didn’t know the melody to the song and had to end her challenge there. Nonetheless, Hebe went home with seventy-five thousand dollars (NT).

Check out Hebe's rendition of Weibird's "Have You Ever":

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