Hear Me: More Like Watch Me!

One look at the picture of Ivy Chen and Eddie Peng staring into each other’s eyes is enough to make anyone melt. Hear Me is an unexpected and romantic film between two young people. A tribute to the deaf, the three main characters, Yang Yang (Ivy Chen), her older sister Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen) and Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng) learned extensive sign language before filming the actual movie. Little conversation was actually used and both Ivy and Eddie communicated through sign language in the film. Hear Me, debuted in 2009 was an unpredicted success, the underdog of various other films that were released.

Xiao Peng is training in the Deaf Olympics and aiming to win a gold medal. Yang Yang works all kinds of odd jobs to support Xiao Peng’s dream. One day, they meet Tian Kuo, a lunch box delivery boy and subsequently Yang Yang and Tian Kuo falls in love with each other. However, problems arise as Xiao Peng’s dream gets in the way of Yang Yang and Tian Kuo’s love. Furthermore, for some reason, Yang Yang refuses to accept Tian Kuo.

As the ending nears, the audience is given a twist that few would expect. The plot is intricate but never confusing. The film is long but not draggy, moving at a pace that is enough to answer all the audiences’ questions but also quickly enough to not bore them. The three actors are also superb in this film. Since their chances to actually speak the lines are limited, all three actors’ skills were put to the test. In the end, all three delivered heartwrenching performances, Yang Yang with her pure innocence, Xiao Peng with her fierce determination and Tian Kuo with his relentless love.

Sweet, comedic and melancholy, Hear Me mixes all three elements into a heartfelt film that few can forget. Teaching about hard work, determination and forgiveness, Hear Me is a must see film that will move you to tears.

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