Hallyu strikes One Million Singer

Definitely not the *Hallyu stars that you’re thinking about. But since foreigners are exotic and hot, One Million Singer decided to invite the ones that are already in the local. Taiwanese-Korean newcomer Bii, Super Idol 5th place finisher Kim Seul-Ki, and Golden Melody Awards Best Male Singer winner Nicky Lee made their way onto the show.

Despite Kim Seul-Ki and Bii were given a Taiwanese (dialect) song in the preliminary round, they sang the song with ease. Host Harlem Yu made fun of Bii’s habit, “He’s been possessed with Monique Lin (finger twitching mic-grab) while crashing into David Tao’s (R & B) spirit.”

Kim Seul-Ki partnered up with his Super Idol senior and friend Filipe Du to take the challenge. Kim Seul-Ki chose to sing Harlem’s “Tidal Wave” to start off and even got a bit of help from the original singer himself. They lost on Ekin Cheng’s Cantonese hit, "極速" (Legend of Speed), in the 4th round and went home with $4,500 (NT).

Nicky Lee directly advanced to the main challenge. Being the first foreigner to ever win the GMA, he told Harlem that when he released his first debut album, he immediately sent a copy to his parents; He received a phone call from his dad not long after, “My dad said, ‘son, it’s great that you finally released your own album, but you stupid idiot! Do you not know your name?!’” It turned out that Nicky wrote his own Chinese name backwards (thinking that it was right) when he submitted it to his record company and it was too late to correct it – Lee Jiu-Zhe (the reversed and what he’s known as now) vs. Lee Zhe-Jiu (his real name).

(Fast forward to 7:37 for first song - Right Here Waiting)

Nicky expressed that his goal was to pass one round, but Harlem did not approve, “If you’re a musician, you have to pass at least five rounds.” Yet Nicky asked, “What about if you’re an idol?” Luckily, he was only kidding.

On the fourth round, Nicky chose to sing Jay Chou’s classic, “Silence”. He couldn’t come up with the missing lyrics, so he asked the help team to assist. When Harlem asked, “Now that you see his (help team member) answer, how do you feel?” Nicky stared at the screen with the help team's answer on it and humorously replied, “After seeing his answer, I’m still very nervous…because I don’t know how to read it.” The set was immediately filled with laughter as everyone came to realize that Nicky still can't read a lot of Chinese after debuting in Taiwan more than five years ago.

(To watch the final part for Nicky Lee, click here)

Nicky Lee's new album is now available for preorder on YesAsia!

*Hallyu = Korean Wave

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