Guess which one is not Leehom Wang!

Music Man Leehom Wang was invited on the revived variety, Guess Guess Guess, now hosted by Harlem Yu and Selina. Selina was already excited to see the Music Man before he even showed up as she bragged about how they had worked together and even made it on the cover of a magazine, rumored as lovers. Harlem responded wittily, “But Leehom told me that out of all the rumors he had, he disliked being rumored with you the most.”

Since it would have been too uninteresting to simply ask Leehom to walk in and come out on the show, Leehom was put behind curtains while he played on an instrument; Out of three curtain doors, other guests on the show had to guess which one was not Leehom – that’s right, there were two Leehoms. The first Leehom played on the traditional Chinese instrument, erhu. Host Harlem and the guests immediately commented, “That must have been fake. He must have been playing a CD in there.” Despite their suspicion, Ah Ben believed that it was the real Leehom, “The shape of his nose seems to be Leehom’s. Furthermore, a lot of people say that I look like Leehom and it was like seeing my own shadow just now.”

Everyone agreed that Ah Ben's back looks the most like Leehom.

The guests were able to see the side profile of the second Leehom as he played on the piano. Although most of the guests were pretty certain that it was the real Leehom, Nono believed that his nose seemed too fake, as if it was glued on. The third Leehom played on the violin, which is the instrument that Leehom is most familiar with. The guests were truly vexed, “They all seem like Leehom.” Harlem joked, “So it turns out that they’re triplets.”

(skip to 12:36 for the answer and the part Leehom comes out)

Leehom played the erhu in front everyone again to prove that he wasn't faking it behind the curtains.

As the special guest of the day, Leehom had to present a music related question for the other guests to guess. The question was: for the song “Over The Rainbow”, the first verse starts out at the chorus. There’s a legend that says that because the first verse was so well written, the composer was stuck in writing the second verse. However, he was able to complete the song after hearing the sound of a vehicle. Which vehicle could it be? None of the guests got the answer - singer Lin Yu Zhong even wrote "UFO" as his answer.  Leehom and Harlem revealed the answer through their singing.

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