Golden Bell won’t ring for Pandamen

This year’s Golden Bell nominations (for television) are coming out next Monday on the 20th. Unfortunately Pandamen won’t be receiving any nods, not necessarily because it was bad, but because no one had submitted it to the Government Information Office. The 140 million (NTD) drama was a hot topic when it hit airwaves back in February. Jay Chou directed and starred in his first ever TV series alongside Nan Quan Mama members and former J-girl Jessie Chiang. Pandamen struggled in the ratings and received mixed reviews. Some viewers even called it “retarded” but that's because the drama was intended for children.

Jay Chou’s unofficial spokesperson Devon Song was furious after finding out about the Golden Bell mishap. He said, “Jay put a lot of effort into this. Many people were already benefitting from Pandamen before filming even began. What kind of rotten organization is this(?) (They) cared so much in the beginning, making 1 billion NTD in merchandising, and now they don’t care about the Golden Bell anymore.” He said Jay Chou created the sci-fi drama for his childhood and friends. They worked very hard to promote it during both its initial run and current rerun.

He added, “Just forget it. It’s very laughable and unfortunate. (I) hope it will get a chance to participate next year. It has even been bought by Japan, this dream shouldn’t be overshadow by other things. It’s a business opportunity of 1 billion (NTD), we didn’t even get a dollar. All the hard work was for our dream. It’s unfortunate to have an outcome like this.” He hopes the GIO will let them submit the drama for next year’s Golden Bell since it is currently airing on Cti.

CTS was blamed for the mistake as they were the first network to air the show locally. They explained that they only had the rights for a “Free-to-Air” broadcast (Pandamen is currently rerunning on cable), so they are not involved enough to represent it. They stressed that TV networks normally focus more on their own productions, rather than those by external companies. As a result, those production companies typically submit their own dramas to the Golden Bell in addition to relying on the network.

Pandamen producer An Jing Hong explained that the production team was brought together temporarily for the drama. They went their separate ways after filming was completed a year age, as he has also been working on other movie projects. No one was assigned to look after the Golden Bell submission, and they were unaware of the deadline. Unfortunately the network didn’t remind them either, so Pandamen ended up missing out on its chance for a Golden Bell.

Source: Chinatimes

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