Girls of variety show "Univeristy" create new Mandopop girl group E-Girls

Taiwanese variety show "University 大學生了沒", which plays host to university-aged people as they chat about various entertaining topics and interact with occasional guest celebrities, has seen four of their "graduated female students" begin a new chapter in their lives as a new Mandopop girl group. This new group, composed of members Li Er 黎兒, Dou Dou 荳荳, Bao Ka Ka 寶咖咖, and Mo Li 莫莉, see their dreams of becoming pop stars realized with the release of their new single "Essential Love". The group has already snagged spots as spokesgirls for a shampoo company, and will continue working hard to promote their newly-formed group.

From left to right: ??? (Author's note: I have no idea).

If you want to check out more about E-Girls, swing by their Facebook group here.

E-Girls' "Essential Love" MV (Chinese version):

E-Girls' "Essential Love" track (Japanese version):


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