Former DBSK members to break into Mandopop markets

After beginning his two years of mandatory military service back in April 2008, South Korean pop star and former H.O.T. boy band member Kangta returned more matured, released a new comeback Mandarin album, and formally announced his intentions of branching out into the Mandopop market. Following in the footsteps of their senior, DBSK's three former members Hero, Micky, and Xiah have also announced that they will be branching out and developing their talents into the Mandopop markets of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan by joining Hong Kong-based entertainment company East Asia Music.

Kangta was musically active earlier this year in June by holding a personal concert in Beijing's Wukesong Indoor Stadium, as well as performing recently in Los Angeles in the SMTown Live '10 World Tour.

Regarding the post-DBSK era with their venture into the Mandopop market, Xiah expressed that he hoped that they can shine under the cooperation with new music label East Asia Music. The trio recently held concerts in Osaka and Tokyo back in June, and are also expected to debut under their new label at the East Asia All Stars Concert for the Shanghai Expo 2010 on October 23rd at Hongkou Soccer Stadium.

Source: UDN

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