Ethan Ruan is "fated" to return as a drunken man?

All eyes are on Ethan Ruan after his breakout role in the hit movie “Monga”. He has yet to take on any new projects since then, and was said to have turned down many offers. The latest rumor suggests he will be playing the “Monkey King” in the Stephen Chow-produced film “大話西遊之三藏伏魔 (A Chinese Odyssey Part 3)”. Ethan Ruan’s manager denied it saying the actor is indeed close to signing onto a movie, but not Stephen Chow’s.

SETTV also hopes Ethan Ruan can save them from their ratings misery. The network's executive VP Su Li Mei (蘇麗媚) announced two big-budget idol dramas for next year including the 2nd installment of “Fated to Love You” titled “醉後決定愛上你 (roughly translates to ‘Drunken to Love You’)”. His manager along with Joe Chen(Qiao En)’s are open to the idea if their schedules can accommodate and they are satisfied with the script. However, Su hasn't officially offered the roles yet because she is "afraid of being turned down!"

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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