Endless Love stays in last place but breaks 1% for the first time

It looks the end of Summer’s Desire benefited Endless Love more than Zhong Wu Yen. The 3rd episode of Endless Love finally broke 1% (barely) with an average 1.01%. CTS can really break out the champagne because it’s the first time they reached single digits in 8 months. The last time they had anything over 1% was back when Because of You debuted in January. It scored 1.02% following a 30-minute finale of Hi My Sweetheart.
Korean drama Personal Taste replaced Summer's Desire last Sunday with a solid start at 1.16%. FTV should be more than happy with its performance considering "Summer" debuted below 1%. First place finisher Zhong Wu Yen pulled in the same ratings as last week with an average of 2.45%. The drama has slowly found its rhythm and audience, but SETTV is probably scrambling to find ways to help this underperforming drama. 

CTV is not in the Sunday night idol dramas battle as they are still showing Detective Conan. They will rejoin the race on September 19th with 4 Gifts (女王不下班) starring Shiou Jieh Kai (修杰楷) and Nicholas Teo. It is by the same production house that made the very popular Frog turns to Prince, as well as the very mediocre Woody Sambo.

Source: Chinatimes

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