ELVA sets her sights on the Golden Melody Awards

The next Golden Melody Awards is literally 9 months away, but ELVA Hsiao hopes to finally get some recognition with her upcoming release “Miss ELVA”. She has never received any nomination in her 11-year career. Yet, singers from the same era including Jolin Tsai and Sun Yanzi have already taken home the Best Female Singer award.

She recently held a listening session to preview the new album, and invited ten musicians that have previously been on the GMA judging panel. They gave her high praises which served as a major confidence boost, “(I) don’t necessarily have to win. It’s just to prove singers in the dance-genre can be much more than that. Hopefully my musicality will be recognized.”

Miss ELVA features two songs composed by the singer herself, as well as the lyrics of three others -- “讓愛飛起來 (Let love fly)”, “夢境 (Dreamland)” and “大說謊家 (Big liar)”. She frankly said her own work reflected a lot of her personal feelings, while the order of songs actually mirrored the events in her lovelife.  

Kenji Wu wrote the track “錯的人 (Wrong Person)” after he spoke with her. On the search for Mr. Right, she said, “It’s a matter of timing. Perhaps from the other person's point of view, I’m the wrong person. My identity, my desire to keep a low profile, maybe it is something another person can’t accept.”

A magazine recently reported that her rumored break up with Nick Chou was a hoax. It was supposedly intended to keep their relationship from overshadowing her album. When asked if they would feel awkward about running into each other, she said they were never together so there's nothing to feel awkward about. As for her long-time rival Jolin, she clarified that rumors of their bad blood were purely fabricated. She hopes fans can support them without hurting one or the other.

Miss ELVA is now available for preorder on Yesasia.

Miss ELVA teaser

"狂想曲 (Rhapsody)" preview

"錯的人 (Wrong person)" preview

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