ELVA Hsiao's new album hits the Internet before it hits stores

ELVA Hsiao’s new album doesn’t hit stores until September 24th, but all eleven tracks from "Miss ELVA" are already available online. Although there were some concerns that the songs were leaked, her company reassured it was not the case. They revealed she has actually been chosen by China Mobile to be its featured star, so fans can now sample the full album on their website.

To compensate those who have preordered a hard copy, each edition will come with a 24-page 36 x 26 cm photo book, as well as a MAC waterproof eyeliner or a pair of colored contact lenses. The bonus gifts will set her company back another 18.75 million NTD, but they are confident that fans will preorder a copy after listening to it online.

In the upcoming album, ELVA wrote the lyrics of “讓愛飛起來 (Let love fly)” about the equality of love. She was invited by the 1st Annual Kaohsiung Gay Pride Parade to be its web ambassador. The singer expressed her encouragement through a video message, “Do what you feel most comfortable, most chic and most beautiful.”

Miss ELVA is now available for preorder on Yesasia.

Track List (rough translations):
1. 瀟灑小姐 (Miss ELVA) *see MV here
2. 狂想曲 (Rhapsody)
3. 錯的人 (Wrong Person)
4. 玩笑 (A Joke)
5. 完成我的Intro (Complete My Intro)
6. 雙面女神 (Two-Faced Goddess)
7. 夢境 I (Dreamland I)
8. 夢境 II (Dreamland II)
9. 大說謊家 (Big Liar)
10. 讓愛飛起來 (Let Love Fly)
11. 抱緊你 (Holding You Tightly)

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, UDN

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