[Updated w/ MV] ELVA ditches 3D for motion control in new MV

ELVA Hsiao returns with a neon-color cyber image for the first music video from her upcoming album. The title track “瀟灑小姐 (Miss ELVA)” follows in a long line of her techno dance hits like “Shining Love” and “Confession”. It has an endlessly repeating hook that makes the song incredibly catchy. Although some people be sick of autotune already, it’s actually pretty interesting to hear two autotuned voices harmonizing with each other…like listening to a robotic duet.

In the “Miss Chic” music video, ELVA is dressed in three specially-designed outfits to show her contrasting styles. The neon pink creation reportedly cost NTD$300,000 and looks to be a sure-fire hit in cosplay parties. To accentuate her “chic-ness” in the video, ELVA becomes a time-traveling video game heroine who saves her man with girl power. The production invited Jimmy Hung (from Black & White) as their stunt coordinator to provide some authentic action. They also utilized motion control technology to capture the singer's every expression.  ELVA promises “the effect will be cooler than 3D.”

“Miss Chic” will be available for preorder in two versions starting September 8th. The full album comes out on the 24th.

Miss ELVA MV in HD is out!
(Grass Jelly Studio did an amazing job on this video, but ELVA...those pants...those pants......even the Gap has better pants than these...)

Source: Nownews, UDN, GrassJellyStudio's Channel

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