Danson Tang celebrates 26th birthday with fans

Looks like Danson Tang wasn’t joking when he said he wanted to release a photo album with fellow Avex-mates Eddie Peng and Joe Cheng as he’s been working out hard lately. In fact, he’s been working out so hard that he got Tendonitis in his right arm.

He celebrated his 26th birthday on September 2nd with 400 fans from all over Asia. He had been secretly practicing on the piano for the special day. Despite his arm pain, he sang and performed “Grey Riverbank” on the piano, making many mistakes - but regardless, fans applauded the effort. He also expressed his thanks to his fans by taking photos and signing autographs for them.

As for his birthday wish, he wishes for good health so that he can continue to shine on stage, and he hopes to make more money to provide better living for his mom. He kept his third wish a secret. When asked if his third wish was related to love relationships, he answered, “Of course, it’s obvious just from my name!” which made everyone confused. He then explained, “My English name is ‘Danson Tang’, which translates to ‘Single Tang’ (Dan Shen Tang). I want to be in love too!”

Source: UDN

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