[Update] Crew members of Super Taste wounded after shooting incident in India

Popular TVBS gourmet show Super Taste (食尚玩家) was filming on location in India when the shooting occurred. The frightening incident happened on the 17th after the production team of five arrived at the Jama Masjid of Delhi. Gunshots were fired as they were stepping out of their tour van, but before everyone could rush back into the vehicle, cameramen Ku Ze Wei (古澤為) and Ko Chang (柯強) were shot. Ku’s head was grazed by a bullet and received stitches at a local hospital. Ko, on the other hand, was seriously injured as he received a gunshot wound in the abdomen. The bullet was successfully removed and he has regained consciousness on the 20th. He will remain in the ICU for observation.

Host Sasa (莎莎) along with a filming assistant will accompany Ku Ze Wei on his return to Taiwan this week. Producer Tang Qian Dai and the production organizer will stay behind to take care of Ko Chang. They hope to return home in ten days at the earliest. TVBS spokesperson Chang Wei Ming confirmed that the Super Taste crew members are insured for 10 million NTD of accidental and medical coverage.

From the left: Cameramen Ko Chang and Ku Ze Wei, host Sasa.

Sasa described the incident in an interview, “It was a very loud sound. I thought they were firecrackers. It even sounded like our own ‘Pop-Rice (Taiwanese Rice Krispy)’. I thought it was cool at first, but when (I) turned back to look , I realized someone was holding a gun, and quickly rushed back into the car.” She has been staying at the hospital over the past two days to look after the two injured crew members . On how she is doing herself, she said, “I’m fine, not to worry. I was inside the car, and (I) still need to take care of Ko Chang and Ku Ze Wei, so I’m the most ‘okay’.”

More info about the attack is available from Reuters.

The first group of the Super Taste crew safely arrived in Taiwan on the 22nd. Injured cameraman Ku Ze Wei, host Sasa and filming assistant Ah Ping were greeted by TVBS GM with flowers and red envelopes (for good luck) at the airport. The seriously injured Ko Chang, who was shot in the abdomen, is still recovering in India. He, along with producer Tang and the production organizer, hopes to return next week if his condition allows.

Sasa's mom especially prepared Pork Knuckle Noodle for them to "get rid of bad luck".

Cameraman Ko Chang finally returned to Taiwan on the 27th. He is in good condition but understandably didn't look very well. Ko thanked the media for welcoming him and is happy to be home. He was directly transported from the airport to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital for further treatment. Producer Tang and the production organizer will return on the morning of the 27th.

Source: Appledaily, CNA, TVBS, UDN

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