Behind the Album: Goodbye, Single - Vchuan Chen

Vchuan Chen Wei-Quan (陳威全) may not be a familiar name, but he is the composer to many hit songs for top artists like Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, and ELVA Hsiao; the most recent KTV hit being, “I Love Him” (Autumn’s Concerto) for Della Ding.

The Malaysian singer-songwriter left home and headed to Taiwan to pursue his dream of becoming a singer back in 2006. He finally completed the recording of his debut album the following year, but his dream was shattered due to reorganizations happening at his record company.
I remember the feeling of hopelessness at the time very well. I didn’t know what to do and didn’t know who could help me. It was like someone had suddenly turned off the lights in your world. The feeling of helplessness and fright kept on increasing.
After his contract ended with the record company, Chen didn’t give up and tried obtaining a new contract with other record companies, but didn’t find any luck. Chen reluctantly sold the songs from his own album one by one. He expressed, “As I listened and watched them, I could feel that each of my song had its own new soul. It was a feeling that I couldn't describe.” Despite the pain, it didn’t stop him from becoming a singer.

Finally, Chen released his debut album in August of this year titled, “Goodbye, Single”, containing ten composed track by the singer. He commented that the release of the album is proof to his friends and family that he has not forgotten about his dream and promise to them; their support gave him the power to continue. The album also celebrates the end of Chen’s bacherlorhood.

Vchuan Chen's album is now available on YesAsia!

Tracklist w/ rough translations

01. Yes, I love you. (合唱: Transition樂團-Niall Dunne)
02. 再見,單身 (Goodbye, Single)
03. 模特兒 (A poser)
04. 淚光 (Glow of tears)
05. 勝利旗 (Flag of victory)
06. Fly! Fly!! Fly!!!
07. 坐在月亮裡 (Sitting in the moon)
08. 掌舵手 (Steering hand)
09. 本 (Origin)
10. 成全 (Give way)

Goodbye, Single MV (Abin Fang & Penny Dai as special guest stars)

Source: UDN, Vchuan's facebook / Video: VchuanMr

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