Ariel Lin turns on the water works for newest MV

For her newest MV, You Have Me (你有我), Ariel Lin was asked to act out a 10 minute parting scene with her boyfriend. Though she had been laughing and chatting with the male lead, as soon as the filming started, her tears also started pouring out, and lasted for the entire ten minutes.

Even the male lead was affected by her mood, ending up, also, with red eyes. When Ariel was questioned about whether she was thinking about an old flame or something sorrowful that had happened before, she denied it and said it was all due to her "imagination." When she thinks about how love is actually frail despite being beautiful, her heart is moved and brings forth a whirlwind of tears. When the director called cut, she continued to cry bitterly while holding onto the makeup artist. This young queen of acting has certainly put her heart into this new MV about the sad story of a pair of lovers.

 You can currently purchase her second album, A Wonderful Journey, on YesAsia.

Watch Ariel's touching performance here:

Sources: Libertytimes, Appledaily, ArielAIFC@youtube

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