Ariel Lin is the spokesperson for the 45th annual Golden Bell Awards

It’s the first time ever for Golden Bell Awards to have a spokesperson. They chose no other but Ariel Lin, who won best actress at the 43rd annual Golden Bell Awards.

She appeared at the press conference elegantly and revealed the show’s stage for the big night, which costs six million dollars (NT) to make. She complimented, “Wow! The stage is so pretty. It’s very dreamy and it’s equipped with great audio and lighting.” She then cleverly pointed out the main focus for Golden Bell, “The video broadcast will be further enhanced to deliver the best image and audio (to the audience).” – the GIO (Government Information Office) and TTV have decided to delay the feed in order to stabilize the quality of the broadcast (besides video quality, there’s also speech quality, as well as keeping dull presenters and unfunny skits under control).

The nominations for radio broadcasting will be revealed on September 14th, while the nominations for Television broadcasting will be announced on September 20th. The radio broadcasting award ceremony will be held on October 15th, and the Television broadcasting award ceremony will be held on October 22nd. Ariel will also be announcing the nominees of television broadcasting.

Although Ariel has not had any new dramas for the last two years, she plans to take on a movie project later this year and hopefully return to drama filming after.

Source: UDN

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