Amit bids farewell in anticipation of A-Mei’s comeback

A-Mei Chang’s alter ego Amit has had nothing but success ever since her debut in 2009. The GMA's Best Female Singer is stepping down to make way for the real A-Mei. Amit held her last show for the time being at Legacy Taipei. In contrast to the stadiums and arenas she’s accustomed to, this venue can only hold 1000 fans. She misses the atmosphere of performing to a smaller crowd, but said, “(I’m) afraid, (I) can even hear your breathing.”

Amit performed nine songs from her award-winning album, as well as some tracks that were rarely seen in her live performance. Sodagreen’s Wu Tsing-Fong (青峰) and singer/producer Adia (阿弟仔) were her special guests of the night. Tsing-Fong sang “掉了(Lost it)”, which he wrote for the Amit album. In return, she sang “小情歌 (Little Love Song)” with his accompaniment on the piano . Adia presented her with their co-award for this year’s Golden Melody Best Producer on behalf of the Government Information Office.

During rehearsals, she actually injured her toe after stepping on some broken glass. The practice room's manager was so worried that he apologized with three boxes of mooncakes. She went on stage with high heels as usual despite her injury. The show extended from 60 minutes to over 2 hours as her fans were reluctant to let Amit go. The original A-Mei expects to return with a new album this December.

A-Mei sings "Little Love Song"

Source: Appledaily, UDN, video from nagootv's Channel

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