AK writes about their childhood in new photo book

We won’t comment on the hair. The “pretty boy” group AK announced the release of their first ever words and photos book, "Tokyo On Line (東京線上)".

Andy Chen revealed that his parents divorced a long time ago when he was only one years old. Despite being so young, his parents forced him to choose who to go with. He decided to go with his mom, which caused his father to end their father and son relationship with him. They finally started talking to each other again this year.

Kris Shen expressed that when he was brought to showbiz at age 8, his manager almost gave up on him as he didn’t like to talk. He was able to overcome this and shine on stage, helping his family clear up the debt.
AK hopes that their book will be inspirational to young teens.

The book is now available on yesasia!

Source: UDN

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