Ady An, the Ugly Duckling?

Ady An's on screen image has been fairly conservative. However, a few days ago, for a commercial for her newest movie, "If You Are The One 2," she revealed her curvaceous behind and her long, slender legs. It was extremely attractive, yet she laughed and revealed that she was once called an ugly duckling for her looks.

Despite having touched viewers hearts though her delicate and beautiful portrayal in Autumn's Concerto, awing viewers with her beauty in ancient costumes, and luring viewers with her sexy image in commercials, Ady An admitted that her charming self-confidence is only slowly being established. According to her, "My idol is Angelina Jolie because of her confidence with her pumped lips and sexy appeal." Because she had dark skin, thick lips, and a large bottom, Ady was frequently laughed at for being like the ugly duckling when she was younger. She often hid in the shadows during her younger years. Little did she know that pumped lips would become the style; That, without hyaluronan injections or bottom padding, she would have a stature that brings envy to others. To this she says smiling, "I can only say that it's a reversal of the wheel of fortune.'"

Ady was also on the cover of Fashion Queen's September issue:

Source: Appledaily

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