7 Days in Heaven tops “idol movies” in the summer box office

7 Days in Heaven (父後七日)” was a surprise winner amongst all the Chinese films released this summer in Taiwan. It has accumulated 23 million (all values in NTD*) based on a strong word of mouth. The off-beat funeral-themed movie brought tears and laughter to its audience without a big budget or any bona fide star. Coming in close behind is the mainland megahit "Aftershocks (唐山大地震)". The Feng Xiao Gang (馮小剛)-directed movie currently stands at 22 million after three weeks.

7 Days and Aftershocks handily beat a number of high profile movies starring top idols – Vic Chou’s “Love You 10000 Years” grossed 9.2 million. Leehom Wang’s “Love in Disguise” was a disappointment at 6 million, but it fared much better in the mainland. Eddie Peng and Ming Dao’s “Close to You” did slightly better with 7.3 million. Although he is not technically an idol, superstar Jet Li proved he can attract moviegoers without fancy action sequences. His movie “Ocean’s Heaven” is still in the weekly top 10 after three weeks, and it has pulled in 9.01 million so far.

In other movie news, it’s been confirmed that actress Janine Chang (張鈞甯) will not be starring in the Black & White movie. Director Tsai Yueh Hsun (蔡岳勳) said the story will begin 3 years prior to the TV version. Therefore some key players including Janine Chang, Shiou Jieh Kai (修杰楷) and Jason Chou (鄒承恩) will be missing completely or have a minimal role.

*~1 million NTD = 31,000 USD

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, Mingaonews, Nownews, Yahoo Kimo Movies

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