Zhong Wu Yen holds onto first place but loses more viewers

The ratings alarm has probably gone off at SETTV as Zhong Wu Yen lost even more viewers in its second week.  The drama debuted with 2.70% and then dropped to 2.16% this past Sunday.  It was still good enough for first place, but the network hasn’t seen ratings this low since Hooping Dulcinea (aka Bull Fighting) in 2008.

The rest of the field didn’t benefit from Zhong Wu Yen’s performance either – Summer’s Desire dropped slightly to 1.83%, while Callling For Love followed behind with 0.61% and Scent of Love remained in last place with 0.51%. As all three dramas are to end soon, it will be interesting to see if their successors can dethrone TTV/SETTV from its 2-year run at the top.  (Zhong Wu Yen, like other idol dramas produced by SETTV,  airs its first run on TTV.)

Over on FTV, there is no word yet on exactly when Summer’s Desire will finish airing, but some sources suggested Love Buffet as a possible replacement. If the Aaron Yan-drama doesn’t make its way to FTV, fans can still catch him in Death Girl on PTS starting September 18th. As for CTS, Calling For Love will be replaced by Will Pan’s Infinite Love later this month. Meanwhile, CTV looks like it is ready to give up on idol dramas as they will go with Detective Conan instead. For anyone who plans to watch or stream the last episode Scent of Love live this Sunday, it will start an hour later at 11:00 pm (local time) to make way for the Golden Song Super Star season 2 final.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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