Yu Tian is guaranteed a grand funeral from his son

It must be comforting to hear such promise…or maybe not. Legislator Yu Tian (余天) is probably best known for his work as a singer and host, as well as having a son who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. In celebration of Father’s Day (on August 8th in Taiwan), he took his son Ken and his girlfriend Amanda to see the new movie 7 Days in Heaven (父後七日).

Touted as the Taiwanese version of the Oscar-winning Departures, 7 Days in Heaven depicts a woman's journey in rediscovering her father's life over the 7 days after his passing.  Yu Tian revealed that he often receives invitations to funerals due to his status as a politician and a veteran of showbiz.  He wanted his son to get a “feel” for the funeral and burial culture by watching this movie. 

In response to his dad’s intention, Ken Yu said, “You need not to worry. If you pass away, I will give you a grand funeral!” Laughter erupted among the crowd upon hearing his comment, but dad didn’t seem to mind -- Yu Tian said his good friends Chang Fei (張菲) and Zhu Ge Liang (豬哥亮) once joked that they will ensure each other the grandest funerals. He even challenged them saying, “No one knows who’s going (to die) first!”

After the showing, a tearful Yu Tian said he hasn’t seen such a great movie in a long time. The compact storyline made him go from laughing in one moment to crying in the next. He highly recommends the film and hopes everyone can support 7 Days in Heaven by enjoying it in the theaters.

Just in case if there's any confusion,Yu Tian is not Mark Chao's dad (see picture).

Source: Nownews, UDN

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