[UPDATED w/ MV] Yao Yao becomes sweetheart chef for "Honey" MV

Taiwanese model/singer Yao Yao (real name: Guo Shu-yao) fulfilled her craving of dressing up in the filming of her "Honey" MV. For the entire film shoot, Yao Yao modeled in ten unique outfits, confusing even her stylists as they feared dressing up Yao Yao in the wrong clothes or fashion accessories.

In addition to the joys of dressing up, Yao Yao literally had a real treat when she filmed with a table adorned with cakes and other sweets. In response, Yao Yao laughed: "Rarely does an artist get fat due to filming an MV!" She also poked fun at herself and said that she would "make this sacrifice" for the sake of her career.

Regarding Yao Yao's debut album, her record company went all out in expenses to craft her charming image, with the "Honey" MV letting her show her sweetheart side with a dazzling array of costumes such as a young chef, a British damsel, and a fairy tale princess. And since ten different outfits were used for just one song, the film crew spent three days before finally wrapping up the MV shooting.

During the breaks in shooting for the MV, Yao Yao would tranform herself into a "whip cream girl" for the film crew by breaking out in song and dance. The MV itself called for great amounts of dessert, and since the total cost of US$3,000 for all those desserts included a wedding cake-style dessert, having all those gourmet desserts resembled a carnival atmosphere.


Source: UDN, The Liberty Times / HDAsianBang's channel

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