Will Pan gets kissed by another man for the first time

CTS’ upcoming idol drama, Endless Love, held a press conference and screening event to hype things up for its debut on this coming weekend. The drama will be taking over Calling For Love's time slot and will need all the support they can get to overcome the previous low ratings. Sandrine Pinna, Will Pan, and Lin You-Wei all attended the event to promote the drama. The staff prepared some number shaped balloons (which were to represent good ratings: 6, 7, and 8) and lip shaped balloons. Each of the cast members took turns to randomly pick out a balloon. Sandrine picked a lip shaped balloon, and under the media’s pressure, she kissed Will Pan for 3 seconds. She then explained, “I only kissed the corner of his lips!”

Lin You-Wei also picked a lip shaped balloon.  Although we didn't get any lip-to-lip action from the two male stars, Lin You-Wei kissed Will in the eyebrow. Will exclaimed, “Since being in showbiz for 9 years, it’s the first time that I’ve ever tried a man-man kiss. Oh my God!” Afterwards, Will also made the promise daringly, “If the ratings break 7, I will be in swimwear and helmet, and I’ll circle around Taipei 101 riding a motorbike!”

Source: Appledaily, NOWnews, UDN

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