Will Pan enjoys a passionate kiss with Sandrine Pinna

Several days ago, Will Pan and Sandrine Pinna were filming an intimate kissing scene for their upcoming drama, “Endless Love.” In order to film the kiss on different angles and satisfy Director Lin He-Long, they had to kiss more than ten times for the scene. Initially, when Director Lin shouted out his command to Sandrine to start twisting her head, Will immediately jumped back from shock due to embarrassment. Consequently, Will got scolded by the short-tempered director, “Just kiss the way I tell you to!”

The original kiss was supposed to be a light peck, but Director Lin decided to spice it up and make it a passionate one just before filming the scene. Afterwards, Will expressed his enjoyment of locking lips with co-star Sandrine. In contrast, he then commented that when he kissed Rainie Yang in “Miss No Good,” he felt like he was kissing his little sister.

Not long after Will and Sandrine began working together, there have already been rumors of the two going out to dinner and having good feelings for each other, but recently, Will is rumored to be already dating a wealthy girl. Will denied, “She is just a classmate from middle school.” Then he added, “If I really have a girlfriend, would I dare to discuss so openly about the kiss (with Sandrine) just now?” But putting the jokes aside, when Will was asked if he would admit to the media if he really had a girlfriend, he replied, “I wouldn’t because I have to protect her.”

As for whether there are really sparks of love between Will and Sandrine, Sandrine said, “Being engulfed in the drama role is my persistence in acting. In the drama, I’ve really fallen in love with him, but after work, we’re more like buddies.”

 Will fights off members of the underworld and rescues Sandrine.

Source: UDN, Libertytimes

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