Will Pan and Sandrine Pinna's "Endless Love" to begin airing on August 22

Will Pan and Sandrine Pinna’s upcoming idol drama, “愛∞無限” (now officially titled “Endless Love”), is set to start airing on August 22 on CTS. Already grabbing some attention, its promotional ads have begun playing on TV. They hired a director who specializes in filming music videos to film the drama’s promotional videos. The cost to film these promotional videos is comparable to the production cost of one episode, but it’s all worth it as the ads have been well received by viewers.

Setting the character image for lead actress Sandrine hasn’t gone so smoothly. Sandrine, who’s a Taiwanese-French mix, seem to look more mature when standing beside the juvenile-looking Will. The crew had to re-create her character’s image twice, where they even switched to a new team of image stylists after the first try. Sandrine complained, “I’m only 23 (years old)! Yet I actually have to make myself look younger to match up with a 30 year old. That’s too much!”

Originally, her management company did not wish to have Sandrine’s hair be cut short, but in order to match her character of a lively girl, they agreed after much negotiation. Sandrine bravely cut off 20cm of her hair for the role.

Will didn't have to go through as much change, but he recently lost 4kg, where his chin has become pointier. When Sandrine asked how he lost weight, he answered innocently, “I was just swollen with body water. They’ve just all evaporated now.”

Promotional ad

Source: UDN / Video: TBSCTS

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