Wedding Bells to ring for Selina next April?

Selina’s dad “Ren Ba (任爸)” celebrated his 60th birthday with a dinner party at the Taipei 101 yesterday. He was joined by his wife, all three members of S.H.E, as well as Selina’s boyfriend Richard Chang and his mom for the celebration. Apparently, it was the first time that the couple’s parents have met, and they were said to be deciding on a wedding date for next year.

After dinner ended around 11 pm, Selina and her boyfriend were asked by reporters on what they bought for present. She revealed that he gave Ren Ba a case of wine, while she herself gave dad a blank check. Reporters quickly reminded Ren Ba to fill in 200 million (NTD) for the amount.  Selina was shocked upon hearing the suggestion and responded, “(Your) daughter is still earning (a living)!” Hebe and Ella gave Ren Ba golf clothes, shoes and hats signed by British Open winner Yani Tseng.

Ren Ba looked a little tipsy as he left but he still gave his future son-in-law high marks. When asked if he wants any grandchildren, Ren Ba gave an interesting answer, “I had Selina under reasonable and legitimate circumstances”, implying that he won’t allow premarital pregnancy. Ren Ba was said to be especially emotional during the night and even pulled Richard Chang aside for some “men’s talk”.

After Richard Chang’s famous "wife" declaration at the S.H.E concert in May, rumors of marriage started to circulate a month later. Now that the couple's parents had met up to discuss the wedding seriously, they were said to be picking a date somewhere in April or May of next year. Interestingly, Ren Ba and his wife celebrate their wedding anniversary on April 2nd, so it might be possible for Selina and her boyfriend to wed on the same day as well.

Source: Appedaily

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