Veteran entertainer He Yi Hang arrested for drug charges

The arrest of He Yi Hang (賀一航) has dominated headlines today as the entertainer was summoned for questioning on drug charges at the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office.  He was the Golden Bell award winner for Best Musical Variety host in 2006, and recently acted in the drama The Shinning Days. Earlier this year, his son Zeng Zhi Hao (曾治豪) placed 10th in season 6 of Million Star.

Taoyuan police uncovered a large-scaled prostitution ring by the name of “God of Wealth (財神)” today. It was said to be the largest of its kind in Northern Taiwan, and consisted 17 smaller “franchisees” with over 100 call girls employed. During the investigation, wiretap records revealed that 54 year-old He Yi Hang was a frequent customer of the agency. Not only did he often call for service, he even requested 2 call girls on one occasion. A call girl that was arrested said he was particularly fond of threesomes and would even take what appears to be a "performance-enhancement" substance mid-way through.   

In some phone conversations, He Yi Hang was said to have described situations in which Ketamine was used. Upon further investigation, police found that he might also be involved with the class 2 drug Amphetamine. He Yi Hang was arrested in the afternoon for possession and distribution of the drugs. Police searched his home and found 1 bag of Amphetamine, 2 bags of Ketamine, as well as a smoking device. They will now try to determine if he was a reseller or simply sharing them with the call girls he hired.

Source: CNA, Nownews, TVBS, UDN

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