Tofu Girl is huge Mayday Fan, gets well seeing them in concert

Recently, Taiwanese otaku goddess Tofu Girl (real name: Tsai Huang-ru) made a trip to Taichung for an autograph and mini-concert event, where her record company arranged her to be transported in a special van. The rookie singer was initially excited at the news of her special travel accomodations, but motion sickness in her mode of transportation created vomitting spells for TG. Her fellow colleagues in the van tried to "threaten" her to stop by telling her, "If you throw up, then your face will turn pale and you won't look pretty at the autograph and mini-concert event".

Once it turned into night, TG got wind of a concert held by famed Taiwanese rock band Mayday in Taichung coinciding with her visit, which allowed her to finally be able to catch her favorite idols in concert. TG was so excited that she snagged seats in the VIP section. While she initially tried to take care of her outer image while fighting dizzines and heat stroke, once the concert started and the audience swayed with the music, TG went along with the atmosphere. This prompted her colleagues to tease her and say, "Aren't you not feeling well?"

Source: UDN

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