Terri Kwan can’t believe her album is number one

She's sure not the only one! Best known for her wealthy background, Terri Kwan's self-financed album The Secret That Can’t Be Kept debuted at number one on the G-Music albums chart. Upon hearing the great news, she responded by text message, “Really? Are you lying to me?” When asked if she felt her hard work has paid off, the actress-turned-singer said, “Not yet, (I'm) still being in pain, because of preparing for a live performance, so everyone can evaluate.”

As expected, Terri Kwan’s singing ability is only average since she doesn't have a professional singing background. Her album is highlighted by daring images, which have been compared to that of Lady Gaga. However, Terri Kwan said she is “only an actress with no box office who is trying to sing”, so she is no match for the creativity of singer-songwriter Lady Gaga.

Out of the 10 songs from her album, Terri Kwan said the lone slow-temple song “關癮” was the most difficult to record. She spent two and a half days in the recording studio and even hid in the bathroom to puke at one point. She said, “(I) originally thought singing was fun, it turned into something painful after it became my profession, (I) was challenged to a point where I've lost my confidence, feeling very down.”

There was little change to the rest of the chart, as Chang Yun Jing’s The Opposite Me dropped to second, Nick Chou’s self-titled debut album moved up to third, Chyi Chin’s Wonderful Life and Della Ding’s Fu Good New + Best Selections rounded out the top five. Interestingly, the Five Music albums chart also included these four albums in the top 5, but Terri Kwan’s album was noticeably missing.

Terri Kwan's The Secret That Can’t Be Kept MV

Source: Appledaily, TyphoonGroup's Channel

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