Tae returns with a scary movie

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tae but he is back with a new movie just in time for "Ghost Month"!

Tae, who hails from Thailand, was called the "young Jimmy Lin" back when he debuted as a singer in 1999. He shifted his focus to acting in recent years with supporting roles in dramas including Angel Lover and Fairy from Wonderland. In 2009, Tae returned to his homeland to further advance his movie career.  He can soon be seen on Taiwanese screens again with his first Thai movie Die a Violent Death (鬼4忌).

In the movie, Tae plays a prison-haunting spirit on a mission to kill. A discarded prison was especially rented for filming, but the director only told him shortly beforehand that many prisoners were in fact executed there. The last minute info was more than enough to send shivers down his spine. In the end, Tae was praised by the director for the expressions and emotions he conveyed in the scenes.

Tae said he is thankful for the support he received during the years he worked in the mainland and Taiwan.  It in turn opened the opportunity for him to star in movies in his home country. Die a Violent Death is comprised of 4 stories about accidental deaths that were inspired by real life news stories.  It will hit theaters on August 13th in Taiwan.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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