Super Idol's Duan Xu Ming helps out He Yi Hang and his bride-to-be

He Yi Hang set aside his legal troubles and accompanied his fiancée to a wedding gown fitting on Monday. The veteran entertainer made headlines earlier this month when he was arrested for drug charges. He was arrested again earlier today for tax evasion, as he failed to make payments on the 8.12 million NTD that he owes in taxes.

54 year-old He Yi Hang and his fiancée Judy, who is 12 years his junior, visited the France Paris Bridal Shop for a fitting. He said another bridal shop previously agreed to sponsor him, but it dropped out after his arrest. Luckily, Super Idol’s Duan Xu Ming stepped in to help out the couple. The popular former contestant is in fact married to the owner of France Paris, so he offered to sponsor their wedding gown and suit, as well as a photo shoot, which combine to cost over NT$500,000.

He Yi Hang said he has been experiencing the many faces of humanity lately. He expressed his gratitude, “Many of those who (I) thought were on good terms, (I) didn’t receive one single phone call. To my surprise, this junior Duan Xu Ming, whom I’ve never met before, is willing to help out an old brother.”

Duan Xu Ming especially flew in from Shanghai to assist the couple with choosing the right gown. He stressed, “We will do everything to help, and give only the very best.” On why he decided to do this, he said, “To me, I only look at his performance artistically, his unique brand of humor, I like it very much. It just so happens that (I’m) in the business, and able to help out. Being an entertainer is the same, it is to make everyone happy.”

Judy described her husband-to-be as a pure, unmindful idiot of living. He Yi Hang promised her he will stay out of trouble.  He said he will let Judy manage his life and work schedule, as well as the all-important money. The couple plans to register their marriage after “Ghost Month” (ends on September 7th), and a banquet will be held at the Hilton on October 11th. Unfortunately, the court plans to keep He Yi Hang in jail over the next 3 months for his tax evasion. Unless he can make it out in time, he'll probably have to get married in his cell...

Source: Appledaily

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