Summer’s Desire used for promoting knockoff drama

Mainland video portal Youku recently announced their plans to produce an Internet drama called “My Bubbles of Summer (我的泡沫之夏)”. The name might or might not ring a bell to the English audience, but it is in fact almost exactly the same of the Chinese title of Summer’s Desire, which translates to "Bubbles of Summer (泡沫之夏)". The only difference being the word “My” added to it.

An online casting contest for the web drama even featured images of the cast from Summer’s Desire. Despite obvious similarities, the two productions are not related at all. “My Bubbles of Summer” claimed to be a new take on Summer’s Desire, with different character names (ie. “Luo Xuan” instead of “Luo Xi”) and production. They also said famous Taiwanese producer Angie Chai would be a judge for the casting contest, which she denied.

Summer’s Desire has had a disappointing run in Taiwan with ratings averaging around 1.7%, but the original novel has sold over 800,000 copies in the mainland. Author Ming Xiao Xi revealed that she had only sold the rights for a TV adaption, which did not include an Internet remake.

She initially thought Peter Ho was part of “My Bubbles of Summer”, even wondering why he didn’t do a quick check with her since they have a good working relationship stemming from the production. The author later found out “My Bubbles of Summer” is actually not the web version of Summer’s Desire and Peter Ho is not its producer. She is concerned that netizens are being misled by the use of images from the TV drama.

DongWang Culture & Development, which is an investor of “My Bubbles of Summer”, confirmed they will remove Summer's Desire images from the website. They admitted to using the name as a publicity stunt. However, they stressed that their lawyer confirmed the eerily similar name is not a copyright infringement.

"My Bubbles of Summer" casting call courtesy of Youku

Source: Nownew, UDN, Youku

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