Stars gathered at the Next Magazine Entertainment Awards

The magazine that stars love to hate spent the past 8 weeks selecting the top entertainers in the industry. No matter how much they claim to despise Next Magazine, many top stars were present at the First Annual Entertainment Awards yesterday.

Jolin Tsai was the first to accept her award for Top Ten Most Popular Star of the year. She said the honor is well-deserved because she has been the the subject of countless Next Magazine cover stories. They have written just about everything related to Jolin, as well as providing many unforgettable images over the years. When asked which was her “most unforgettable cover”, Jolin answered, “It’s probably the one with the allergy, skin allergy. Ah! (I’m) doomed, you guys will take out that picture out again. Please don’t bring back things from the past.”

Rainie Yang also received the Top Star award and surprised everyone by showing a little skin. The usually “covered” singer explained, “I've never worn anything this revealing in 10 years, (you) can feel my sincerity towards this ceremony, this type of body presents a different flavor!” She added, “(I) rarely expose any skin, so everyone thinks I’m a 32A, but in fact I’m 32B!”

Rainie Yang wasn’t the only one showing her “sincerity” as ELVA Hsiao also came in a revealing outfit. Her dress was partly transparent in the front and back which showed off her black lingerie.  The body-hugging design emphasized her hour-glass figure. Meanwhile, Ella represented S.H.E to accept the award for Most Popular Group. Selina and Hebe couldn't attend as they were busy with filming. Some commented that Ella seemed to be channeling 80s singer Tian Xi Ren with her golden armor-inspired jacket.

Not to be outdone by the ladies, Show Luo displayed his “sincerity” by exposing his forehead. There is no word on whether his forehead is here to stay, or if it is a one-time only "showing". Jerry Yan also made a surprise appearance as he was not expected to attend. He graciously thanked Next Magazine for publishing his ugliest photos, so everyone would think he is actually better looking in person.

Some award recipients including Top Ten Entertainer Jay Chou, Most Popular Wife Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and Most Popular Host Matilda Tao (Tao Zi) chose not to attend.

Here are some of the Winners:

Top Ten Most Popular Stars:  Show Luo, Vic Chou, Jay Chou, Jerry Yan, Jam Hsiao, ELVA Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Mark Chao, Rainie Yang and Chang Yun Jing

Most Popular Actor:  Vic Chou
Most Popular Singer:  Show Luo
Most Popular Group:  S.H.E
Most Popular Model:  Bianca Bai
Most Popular Newcomer:  Xiao Xiao Bin
Most Popular Otaku Goddess:  Tia Li
Most Popular Wife:  Dee Hsu

Last but not least, the picture that Jolin didn't want you to see:

Source: Appledaily, Nownews, RTI

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