Show Luo gives body shaping undergarment to ELVA as birthday gift

ELVA Hsiao
turned 31 years old on the 24th. It was work as usual for ELVA as she continued practicing her dance moves to prepare for her upcoming concert on September 4th at Singapore. Although her rumored boyfriend Nick Chou wasn’t there to steal the spotlight, good friend Show Luo surprised ELVA at the dance studio to celebrate her birthday. Show presented her a birthday cake with ELVA’s target weight 45kg written on it. The trendy man was also thoughtful enough to buy her an $80,000 (NT) crystal embodied corset-like body shaping undergarment, which he hopes that it will help her reach her target weight. ELVA immediately shouted, “I’m very close (to my target weight)!!” Although she was reluctant to reveal her actual weight, she did anyway and told the media that she was 2kg away.

Show sure was excited to see ELVA try on his birthday gift as he held it up against her body to envision how it would be like if she wore it. However, ELVA said, “It looks very small and tight. Wait until next year and I’ll wear it on Xiao Zhu’s (Show) birthday.” ELVA also received an iPad from best friend Cheryl Yang and an in-ear monitor from the staff.

ELVA made three wishes on her birthday, which was to have good album sales and wishing her friends and family to always be safe. She refused to let us know her third wish.

In regards to Nick Chou recently being photographed eating out with another girl, ELVA replied, “Why would I have to care about it? It’s his freedom to eat with whoever he likes.” Nick’s manager responded, “They have always been like siblings and good friends. Everyone shouldn’t think too much about it.”

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN

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