Sam Chen gets sued for changing Jolin's contract

Sam Chen (陳澤杉) reigns again as the executive who makes the more headlines than his stars. The big boss at Warner Music Greater China is being sued by his previous employer Gold Typhoon (formerly EMI Taiwan). He is accused of changing Jolin Tsai's contract in an attempt to benefit his current company.

According to Gold Typhoon, shortly before Chen left EMI for Warner, he modified Jolin’s contract despite opposition from the company's head office and executives at their Asian headquarters. He changed EMI's rights to distribute her next Chinese album into an English one, and restricted the time when it can be released. In the end, Jolin's English album Love Exercise did poorly in sales and damaged the company's profit in video licensing.

Gold Typhoon is rumored to be asking for 54 million NTD (approx. 1.7 million USD) in compensation. They said the figure is incorrect but declined to disclose the actual amount. When asked how bad the album did, Gold Typhoon responded, “It was indeed quite far behind from the previous.”

Sam Chen responded, “As a professional manager, the kind of album an artiste releases has always been decided by me.” He explained, Jolin’s English book was a big hit with 100,000 copies sold -- if they had coincided the release of her album with her book, the company would have made a profit. After he left, Gold Typhoon took over and the album didn't to do well, why should he be blamed for it? He added, “When Jolin was making money (for the company), why wasn't I commended?”

The Legend of Sam Chen

Sun Yanzi traveled to Egypt to film her MV for “Against the Light". The record company (under Sam Chen's management at the time) had a miscommunication with the traveling agency, but it was reported to the media as “robbery”. The singer later said she disagreed with this type of promotion method.

Questions were raised on the integrity of Jolin Tsai’s Agent J album sales. Jay Chou openly criticized the long history of record companies "buying the charts”, and called Chen “Not a good thing”.

Yvonne Lui, who is the girlfriend of HK billionaire Joseph Lau, issued a statement questioning the legitimacy of his other girlfriend's daughter. Chen was rumored to the man behind the idea, which he swore he didn't.

Source: Appledaily

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