Rainie and Jiro greet fans in Tokyo

Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang went to Tokyo Japan to hold two “hand-shake” events for their previous drama, "ToGetHer". They attracted 1,200 fans to attend, whereby only those who have bought their drama DVD could go.

Since Rainie has been filming the new idol drama, "Sunshine Angel” (陽光天使) with Wu Chun, she has gotten a lot more tanned. Although it’s been long since Jiro and Rainie have seen each other, the moment they met, Jiro immediately told Rainie to put on more powder on her chest area. Rainie laughed, “Jiro’s afraid that there is a difference in skin color (from her face). I told him that it’s okay! Actually, I think it looks natural. I’ve gotten so tanned that I have a T-shirt mark. When I go take a shower, I feel like I’m still wearing my clothes (invisible shirt).” But she has fallen in love with working out recently. She reveals that she often asks Wu Chun for advice and has even managed to work out some arm muscles.

Source: Appledaily

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