Peter Pan challenges Jolin with his "Handsome Man Trap"

Most men are most afraid of hearing others calling them “soft”, but Peter Pan is quite proud of his “softness” (flexibility). Several days ago, he appeared on Hit FM radio as a substitute DJ. In the studio, he started practicing Jolin’s latest “Voguing” dance from the “Honey Trap” MV. He mastered the skill of interlocking his arms behind his back and staff members made fun that he can now film his very own, “Handsome Man Trap”.

The One Million Star season 1 third place finisher has long been known as being “dance-challenged.” A while ago, he performed as a special guest at fellow Million Star contestant (and winner) Yoga Lin’s concert, along with Judy Chou and Stanly Hsu. The four of them each danced and sang a classic hit of HK pop’s “4 Heavenly Kings”. Peter was given Leon Lai’s techno dance song, “看上她” (roughly translates to Interested In Her), which he performed reluctantly and even started having a phobia for dancing afterwards.

However, it didn’t stop Peter from trying hard to rid himself from being called “dance-challenged.” Just recently, at his personal concert “窺‧愛情” (Spy, Love) in July, he challenged Yuki Hsu’s dance classic,” 妙妙妙” (Miao Miao Miao). He explained that he chose the song because he has been a super fan of Yuki’s since high school. Despite being not gifted in dancing, he specially invited Judy to spend a week teaching him how to dance to the song.

Now that Peter has mastered the art of dancing, perhaps we’ll get to hear more dance songs coming from him.

Peter performed Yuki's "Miao Miao Miao" for Hit FM staff as encore request

Source: Appledaily / Video: purplest

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