Orange Caramel are very 'Tai'?

Raina, Lizzy and Nana of Korean girl group Orange Caramel look delicate, but they are actually curious and brave girls. When they saw stinky tofu, pig blood cake and chicken hearts, dishes that would make foreigners cringe, the three girls happily ate them, just like a Taiwanese local.

Lizzy laughed "The chicken heart looks a bit scary, but I can't help but want to try it." Leader Raina gave a thumbs up and said "Pig blood cake is the best! I really like this taste." Nana didn't say anything as she put the chicken feet in her mouth, afterwards she said "This is a very nice taste, I'm not scared to eat it!" The youngest member Lizzy was the bravest; she tried the stinky tofu first after sniffing the tofu and confirming that the smell was natural, as well as eating the chicken heart, saying it's "delicious!".

No dating experience
They sang 'The Day You Went Away' in 'The First Mini Album', but the three members shyly said "We haven't had any dating experience, we want to date someone!" Nana says that she attracts the attention of boys at school, but she's busy with schoolwork and schedules, so hasn't "met her first love" yet.
Out of the three members, 21 year old Raina is the oldest, and was a barista before debut. Lizzy said "If I'm not an idol, I want to be a talk-show host, it's my dream". Model Nana wants to be a make-up artist.

If you missed it, here is Orange Caramel on Super King!

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Source: AppleDaily/Video: SugoiTW

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