Office workers want a day off on Chinese Valentine's Day

Happy Friday everyone (or maybe Saturday in some places...)! Did you know it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day (七夕情人節) next Monday (on the 16th)? I sure didn’t since I'd never pay any attention if it’s not a PAID holiday. Anyway, an employment website in Taiwan conducted a survey recently to find out how office workers want to spend their Valentine’s Day.
Sonia Sui was voted the number one "Hourly Lover" by male office workers...

The survey took place from August 5th to 12th on a local employment website, with questionnaires completed by 1266 office workers and 224 business owners. According to the results, a Day Off on Valentine's Day (18.2%) was voted the number one fringe benefit office workers want the most. In second was Early Leave (16.3%), followed by Free Movie Tickets (12.6%), Singles’ Gathering/Matchmaking organized by the company (11.7%) and Free Valentine’s Day Dinner (11.3%).

Since an increasingly number of people are delaying marriage to a later age, the trend of non-marriage has seen a rampant growth in recent years. In the survey, companies estimated that 22.6% of its employees are still single. For the “leftover” guys and gals who detest Valentine’s Day, a singles’ party organized by their boss might be a good idea.

If getting a room full of single people is no go, finding an “hourly lover” can be another option. Based on the survey, model-turned-actress Sonia Sui (15.8%) was chosen the number hourly lover by male office workers. She was followed by Tofu Girl (13.2%), Tia Li (12.7%), Jolin Tsai (11.2%), Amber Kuo (8.1%) and Guey Lun Mei (7.8%). Original Otaku goddess Yao Yao trailed behind in 7th place (7.5%).

Female office workers selected Show Luo (25.1%), Leehom Wang (13.0%), Ethan Ruan (9.9%), Mark Chao (7.3%) and Jay Chou (7.0%) as their choice of hourly lovers. Wimbledon quarter-finalist Lu Yen Hsun (1.9%) finished a head of MLB pitcher Wang Chien Ming (1.4%). Among politicians, President Ma Ying Jeou (2.0%) came in first, followed by former VP nominee Su Tseng Chang (0.6%), Taichung mayor Jason Hu (0.6%) and Taipei mayor Hau Lung Pin (0.1%)…ouch!

Source: Nownews, UDN

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