"Octopus" Chang Yun-jing in breathtaking "You are the Only One" MV

For her latest "You are the Only One" MV, Taiwanese singer Chang Yun-jing immersed herself with a rock look that took on a kind of beautiful feeling, as the MV got its visual touches from the visual effects art director from the 2001 Hong Kong blockbuster movie "Shaolin Soccer".  The MV had completed its filming awhile back in Hong Kong, and the visual effects art director for the MV had the singer take on various different looks from her "little prince" image.

Jing excitedly said, "The director wanted me to imagine that beneath my feet was a rabbit, a raven, and a super huge octopus that took me all over the place, from above in the heavens to below under the sea. But in filming the MV, it needed to be interesting. Not only did I need to exhibit the pose, but I basically had no one with me (in the MV), so there were 20-30 people in the whole place with their eyes on me. It was so awkward!" Yet since the special effects came in the late stage of the MV production, Jing had to stand in front of a green screen by herself and imagine what was going on in the scenes, which caused her to awkwardly take on a type of "one-person show"!

What was interesting was that Jing had correctly predicted that legendary Taiwanese singer A-mei would win six awards at this year's Golden Melody Awards, much like how international news sensation Paul the Octopus correctly predicted all the winners for eight of the World Cup matches. Since Jing was riding atop an octopus for the MV, the staff jokingly changed her full name from Chang Yun-jing to Chang Yu-ji (Octopus Woman)!

The song for the MV was penned by none other than Stone of popular Taiwanese rock band Mayday and Taiwanese singer-songwrite Peggy Hsu, to which Jing said, "It would be a dream of mine to collaborate with the band Mayday. I'm glad that I accomplished two-fights of the way through. I hope that when I can accomplishment it 100%, I have a chance to go to a Mayday concert and rock out with them together; but Stone's outer appearance really is so stone-like. Even though he wrote a romantically aesthetic song such as "You are the Only One", it looks like everyone has 'The Opposite of Me' in their heart! I look forward for the final version to be officially released!"

Chang Yun-jing's "You are the Only One" MV:

Source: NOWnews

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