Netizens bash primetime dramas for treating them like idiots

It’s nothing new to hear about daily primetime dramas recycling old storylines. They get their “inspirations” everywhere from headline-making scandals to Korean dramas, but those aren't even enough anymore. Most recently, SETTV’s #2 rated drama Parents’ Love was caught replicating storylines from its main competitor FTV's Night Market Life, which currently sits at the #1 spot.

Several days ago, Parents’ Love featured a subplot in which a character faked a leg injury and became wheelchair-bound in an attempt to gain support from voters. A very similar tactic was used on Night Market Life earlier -- one of its characters also faked an injury and refused to leave her wheelchair until she got the marriage she had wanted. The motive from both storylines was to “lie”, the excuse was a “leg injury” and the prop was a wheelchair.  In the end, both characters stood up from their wheelchairs when their “lie” was revealed.

The similarities didn’t end there.

Night Market Life features a female lead who sells stewed ribs with herbs, while Parents’ Love has one that sells chicken rice. A Night Market's character sells chewing gum for a living, while Parents’ has one who pretended to sell chewing gum after he was released from jail. There was a storyline on Night Market in which tangerine-squeezing Lei Hung raised another man’s child. Not to be outdone, Parents’ also has its own version. Netizens couldn’t help but mocked the dramas asking, “Do these things really happen in real life? They must be acting in ‘World’s Most Foolish’!”

Can't blame Lei Hung for getting mad about raising another man's son...

FTV responded saying that they are used to seeing storylines being copied but there is very little they can do. They thanked netizens for pointing out the problem, and believe the ratings will give them a fair judgment. SETTV clarified there was no copying involved as the storylines were created by their writers. Netizens on PTT bashed primetime dramas in general for copying each other, as TV networks treat viewers like idiots. Despite endless criticisms, lots of "idiots" must be watching since Night Market Life pulled in an average rating of 6.75% last week, while Parents' Love continued to perform well at 4.48%.

Source: UDN

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