Naked bodies fail to score big ratings for idol dramas

These are idol dramas after all, so it’s more of the idea of being naked rather than actual naked people. There was much hype going into last Sunday's ratings battle -- Cheryl Yang's naked back on Zhong Wu Yen vs the last episode of Summer's Desire vs Will Pan taking a shower in Endless Love. Unfortunately viewers didn't care as the three dramas combined to lose more ratings than they gained.

Zhong Wu Yen has been steadily improving in the past few weeks before its ratings dropped back to 2.45%. Lead actor Ming Dao is said to be receiving less criticisms as the show progresses, but it's a tough climb for him with such an unlikable character in the first place. There is some good news for the fans of the drama -- After weeks of waiting, three songs from the OST performed by newcomer Bii are finally available in full on KKbox (or Youtube for that matter.)

轉身之後 (After turning away) from MinakoLovesYou's Channel

Over on FTV, ratings for the final episode of Summer’s Desire slightly increased (0.03%) to 1.67%. Some die-hard fans were so moved by the ending that they left messages online thanking producer Peter Ho for giving them a wonderful summer. Korean drama Personal Taste will take over its time slot next week.

As for Endless Love, it lost a fifth of its ratings from the first episode and averaged only 0.77%.  Episode 2 was highlighted by shower scene featuring Will Pan's shoulders. Director Lin He Long stepped in as his body-double on close-ups of his legs. On why his own legs weren't good enough, Pan Shuai explained that's because he has a long scar from his previous ligament surgery. The makeup team applied layers of powder and highlights to make the "legs" look as if they belong to the same body.

Endless Love has also been heavily criticized for its Korean flavor (the script is in fact written by Korean screenwriter Kwon So Yun who previously penned Princess Lulu), but there's more Korea influence to come -- Producer Angie Chai plans to remake My Girl and GTV has already announced Park Shin Hye as the star of their new drama.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, MinakoLovesYou's Channel

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