Mark Chao says goodbye to his Puma's

There’s no doubt that advertisers love Mark Chao, as evident by the sheer number of endorsements he has done since skyrocketing to fame. Most recently, Puma was said to have chosen him as the spokesperson for their fall campaign.

The sportswear company is in fact a long-time sponsor of his, while Mark Chao himself is often seen wearing their clothes both on and off the screen. However, since he is already giving them such a great (unofficial) promotion, Puma has decided to go with Blue Lan as their new spokesperson instead.

Puma Senior Marketing Manager Kathy explained, “There was a scheduling conflict, the film crew from Hollywood couldn’t wait for him, so a substitution must be made quickly, we felt it was unfortunate too. But we’ll be having a lot of activities over the next season, so he has also been considered.” In addition to Blue Lan, Puma has also recruited Ivy Chen (who belongs to the same management company as Mark Chao), making this a very awkward situation.

Mark Chao is apparently extremely committed when it comes to endorsing products. In addition to appearing in events, award ceremonies and taking promotional photos, he makes sure they get enough exposure during his everyday life. The paparazzi often catch him dressed in sponsored clothing from head to toe, which is why advertisers keep coming back for contract extensions.

Meanwhile, Mark Chao has put his Puma clothes away hidden in a corner somewhere, but he kept a pair of sunglasses that he bought on his own. In response, his company said, “He is a little upset, because he’s been so committed and still didn’t get the endorsement. But we still want to thank the company for sponsoring us with so much clothing.”

As Mark Chao recovers from his hurt ego, we seriously hope he'll consider Speedo as a possible replacement…

Source: Chinatimes, SpeedoUSA

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