Lu Chen reveals his news headlines prediction at magic show

On August 13 and 14, Lu Chen completed his two extravagant magic shows at the Taipei International Convention Center. He performed over 20 different sets of tricks lasting 110 minutes per show. In the first show, Lu Chen also revealed his news headlines prediction which he made previously at the press conference on June 21st. He successfully predicted six out of eight. While some were amazed, some fans also criticized, but nonetheless, Lu Chen expressed his satisfaction, “I got six out of eight. You can’t call it a mere coincidence, right?” When asked if he could predict the winning numbers to the lotto, he giggled, “I’m still working at it. If I know what the winning numbers are, I would definitely secretly go buy the ticket myself.”

His prediction was locked in a box guarded by two security guards. The box was brought onto the stage in front of the audience before opening. In the first envelope, it wrote, “I am Lu Chen. It is already the night of August 13 when the box is opened.” His eight news headlines prediction was contained in the second envelope and they were: “Japanese Yen rises rapidly”, “Scratch off lotto tickets recalled”, “Little Fatty rocks NBC”, “Tennis player advances to quarter finals”, “High court big clean up”, “Jay Chou shows up late for Leehom Wang”, “Non-stop torrential rain in mountain south”, and “Respectable male Hong Kong singer announces retirement.” Lu Chen predicted all headlines correctly except for the very last two.

The box is handled by two witnesses and Lu Chen does not touch the box himself.  Before the box was brought to the stage, it was watched over by two security guards.

Lu Chen attracted 6,600 fans to witness his miracles, making a total of 16 million dollars (NT) in ticket sales. Media journalists were prohibited from bringing in cameras and news photos were provided by the organizers at the end of the show. When asked if it was because he was afraid of the secret behind his prediction trick being exposed, he shook his head, “If I was really afraid of that, I wouldn't even allow journalists from coming in.” The organizers explained, “The main concern was blocking the audience’s view. Unless the venue is as big as the one in Singapore, would we then consider allowing the media to bring in their cameras.”

Lu Chen performed tricks such as switching places with a pretty girl in a split second and hanging himself.

Lu Chen responds to Netizens’ seven suspicious theories

1. Cameras strictly prohibited: afraid of trick being exposed.
Lu Chen's response: If I was afraid of that, I would have also forbidden journalists from entering. It was simply a decision made to avoid blocking the audience’s view.

2. The prediction box was not heavily guarded and anyone was allowed to touch it. It could have been switched/replaced easily.
Lu Chen's response: We didn’t forbid anyone from touching it and it was placed in a public space in order to avoid others from suspecting me of tampering the box. Otherwise, it could have been locked in a safe. Furthermore, there were two security guards watching over it, and when it was delivered to the stage on the second floor, they took the escalator instead of the elevator. None of the staff members got close to it.

3. There must be a secret switch on the box.
Lu Chen's response: The audience touched it and confirmed that there was no secret switch. There wasn’t any secret switch on the table that the box was sitting on either.

4. The surveillance camera video image could have been fake. The surveillance camera should have been put on web to allow everyone to keep guard of it.
Lu Chen's response: I can only say that netizens have watched too many movies.

5. 3D technology might have been used, where there may be laser outside the box.
Lu Chen's response: I don’t know if those people came to watch the show. If they did, then they would know that it’s impossible.

6. The paper with the prediction written on it should be taken to a lab to be examined to prove that the date and time written was not on same day.
Lu Chen's response: If netizens want to examine the paper in the spirit of CSI, we welcome them to do so.

7. There were two shows but only the first one had the prediction magic. It’s not fair!
Lu Chen's response: The prediction show was not part of the actual magic show. The act was extended from the previous press conference.

Left: Singer Jam Hsiao attended the show to witness Lu Chen's miracles / 
Right: Variety show hosts Mickey Huang and Chang Yu also showed their support.

Source: Appledaily

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