Love in Disguise edges out Close To You at the box office

The much-anticipated Love in Disguise was last weekend's winner among the Chinese movies currently in theaters. Leehom Wang’s directorial debut edged out Close To You with a box office intake of 2.56 million NTD in Taiwan. The latter starring Eddie Peng, Ming Dao and Amber Kuo was close behind with 2.46 million NTD.  They were both released last Friday, August 13th.

Despite being a big hit in the mainland, Love in Disguise seems to be getting a lukewarm reception in Taiwan. The movie features an all-star cast including Crystal Liu, Joan Chen, popular B-lister Chen Han Dian, as well as the star director himself. In response the film’s performance, Leehom said, “(I) hope everyone will continue their support, this is a relaxing and entertaining movie, people from ages 9 to 99 can all enjoy.”

Netizens on PTT (BBS in Taiwan) have been giving Love in Disguise mixed reviews with comments like, “Under the support of a strong team behind the camera, its production quality gave an outstanding performance, unfortunately the writers didn’t even attempt to create any surprises, the plot was (filled with) old tricks.”

Don’t feel too bad for Director Wang, because his movie has already made 100 million NTD (approx. 21 million RMB) in the mainland. Many expect Love in Disguise to overtake the highest-grossing movie by a first-time director, which is currently held by Welcome to Shama Town with 46 million RMB.

Ice Kacang Puppy Love and Love You 10000 Years got a head start at the theaters two weeks ago. "Ice" is the directorial debut of singer Ah Niu. He also stars in the movie along with Angelica Lee, Victor Wong, Gary Cao and Fish Leong. Ice Kacang Puppy Love received some good reviews but its Malaysian backdrop has been a tough sell in Taiwan. It took in NT$600,000 on its first weekend, and accumulated approximately 1.3 million NTD so far.

Fans are also raving about Love You 10000 Years, but it only managed 1.5 million NTD on its first week. Although the film hasn’t performed as well as expected, it is already the best box office performance in Vic Chou’s career. Love You 10000 Years has a total box office intake of 4.52 million NTD since August 6th.

Note: The above figures are based on Appledaily (with the exception of Welcome to Shama Town.)  Close To You is in fact ahead of Love in Disguise on the list of Ten Movies in Taipei, but final figures were not available. 

Source: Appledaily, Sina, Yahoo! Kimo Movies

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