Lollipop's Owdog gives Chang Yun-Jing 90 out of 100 for dancing

Chang Yun-Jing, who has just returned to Taiwan after promoting her album, The Opposite Me, in Singapore, held a fan meeting yesterday with 300 fans. Since the album has been doing well in sales, she also took the opportunity to announce a second edition that will soon to be released.

At the fan meeting, she also invited Lollipop’s leader Owdog to perform their latest single, Loyalty. Although it’s Chang Yun-Jing’s first time dancing and performing it live, Owdog showed his support and gave her a score of 90 out of 100.  Owdog then advised, "I will give you the rest of those 10 marks when you become the Queen of singing and dancing."

After sweating from all the dancing, staff members immediately handed them some tissues to wipe off the sweat. Since it was Chinese Valentine’s Day, the two wiped off each other’s sweat under the atmosphere of love, and pretended to be intimate. But when asked if there is a possibility between the two of them, Chang Yun-Jing, who claims that she has not touched a man’s hand for a year, said, “Owdog is too buff, I like guys that are more slim.”

Loyalty MV

Source: UDN, NOWnews / Video: leegang1

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