Lin You-Wei becomes Will Pan's rival in "Endless Love"

A few days ago, Lin You-Wei went to a photo shoot for the upcoming idol drama, “Endless Love”. For the photo shoot, he wore a fitted cardigan. The media immediately noticed that his pectoral muscles seem to have gotten larger, but he explained that it’s only because he has gained some weight, so there's more fat. He revealed that he doesn’t spend money to go to the gym, but rather he usually do push-ups at home and goes to play basketball at least twice a week. He even has his own basketball team, and often plays against Mark Chao and Jerry Yan.

Lin You-Wei has always been known as a nice guy since he debuted in showbiz. But it looks like he has gotten bored of always being the good guy as he has been picking a lot of villain-type roles in his recent dramas. It has been long since he has taken up an idol drama, and in the soon-to-be aired “Endless Love”, Lin You-Wei will play a playboy who grew up with the female lead, which is played by Sandrine Pinna. Although she has feelings for him, he only takes her as his little sister...but until she falls in love with Will Pan.

Lin You-Wei was in the former boy group, WEWE, with Lee Wei way back in 2001.  The two made a wise decision and furthered their careers in acting instead...

Source: UDN / Video: returnofthesmith

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