Leehom confirms “cooking” is not one of his “18 Martial Arts”

The talented Leehom Wang can write songs, direct movies, impersonate Robert De Niro and play instruments that we can’t even name. But at a recent taping of “University Students”, he admitted, “I once tried to learn to cook for my girlfriend, but that’s not part of the ‘18 Martial Arts’, I have no (cooking) talent at all, (I) made some badly failed pasta.”

Host Matilda Tao asked Leehom if rumors between him and costar Crystal Liu were created to promote their movie Love In Diguise. He looked lost for a moment before answering awkwardly, “uh…I quite admire Crystal Liu, but (we’re) just friends.” The host didn’t let it end there, she asked, “(Do you two) keep in touch every day?” He pretended to take out his cell phone and said, “(Are you) asking about ‘frequency’? No, not that kind of frequency.”

Female students from the cast paid particularly close attention to Leehom's lovelife. They asked him questions like if he would “mind dating people within or outside of showbiz?”, or “pursue a girl or stay passive?” Leehom responded saying he doesn’t exclude people from showbiz and even thinks he is pretty proactive.  He then mocked himself, “but it seems like the fact was unproven!”

Matilda Tao asked if his mom has ever mentioned what kind of girl she likes. He said he doesn’t know because “she changes all the time, like broken weather.” It’s a good thing that his brother is married with children, so he doesn’t feel as much pressure and able to focus on his creativity.

Back in 2001, when the Leehom Wang cooking horror show began...

...2010, it's not any better.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, oleanderx's Channel, nagootv's Channel

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